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SEO Specialist

Develop a strategy for Company Website’s SEO to increase organic ranking and traffic

Research competitors and optimize Company Website to rank well in Google and other search engines

  1. Allocate resources for the development of new content for the Company Website
  2. Monitor the effectiveness of the Company Website’s SEO

Our Benefits Includes:

  1. 1000$-2000$ per Month Salary without Salary
  2. Housing and
  3. family health insurance
  4. Yearly 2% bounces
  5. Promotion Facilities
  6. Rest house and transportations Facilities

Essential Qualification, Skills and Experience:

  1. Minimum Education bachelor degree in Computer Science
  2. Google Complete course Certification
  3. SEO training and SEO Word Presss website
  4. Good in Communication with English fluency.


  1. Evaluate onsite and offsite optimization of websites – Provide SEO recommendations – Create SEO campaigns – Monitor performance
  2. Requirements:
  3. Minimum of N years experience as a Web Developer or Online Marketing Specialist
  4. At least 2 years of experience in an online marketing or search engine optimization role
  5. Experience using Google Analytics or another comparable analytics tool to analyze website traffic data

The SEO Expert is responsible for onsite and offsite optimization of the website. This includes evaluating onsite and offsite optimization, providing SEO recommendations, creating SEO campaigns, and monitoring SEO performance.

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