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Store Supervisor

The Store Supervisor is the key to ensuring the store team operates in a profitable, safe, and persuasive manner. Proven leadership and people management skills are a must for this position. Each store supervisor monitors in-store performance and gives necessary coaching/training as needed to ensure planned goals are met.

Our benefits include:

  1. 600$salary without bounces
  2. 2 days of leave after 1-month of duties
  3. Family health insurance up to $200 per month
  4. Promotion status after 5 years
  5. 8 hours of working time in a day

Essential education, skills, and experience:

  1. Minimum education: 10th grade or equal certificate
  2. 2 years of experience in the market
  3. You must be able to deal with customers.
  4. I am fluent and confident in dealing with different people.
  5. Formal and professional communication


  1. Provide feedback to the Operations Department on the reduction of excess inventory.
  2. Immediately provide hands-on supervision or counsel in dealing with customer complaints.
  3. Act as flight lieutenant during any absence of the store manager or make-up shifts to ensure the greatest continuity in operations.
  4. Ensure that customer experience matches the image of brand standards while going beyond customer satisfaction to build brand evangelists.
  5. Team empowerment through strong leadership and hands-on participation in daily tasks that are delegated to staff below associates.
  6. Build and maintain team camaraderie by proactively managing situations with verbal skills without making exceptions other than store policy on things such as dress codes, hours of work, or off days.
  7. When there is no viewable evidence of possible theft or customer service errors by the customer, take ownership of these situations promptly with lower management and upper management to determine what happened.

Store manager

The store supervisor is in charge of on-site operations for the store. The Store Supervisor plans store layouts, organizes inventory and performance reports, and builds a productive and happy environment for the staff.

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